8 th ENG: DSERT has telecast the live video classes in DD Chandan TV

 Title: DSERT Karnataka has published the video lessons for 1 st standard to 10th standard of all subjects in Kannada medium, English medium and also in Urdu medium

CLASS: 8th English medium video lessons

Medium: Kannada, English and Urdu

Academic year: 2021-22

Video lessons live broadcasting in DD Chandan Television

Watch live lessons in Television or in YouTube channel of DD Chandan or in DSERT YouTube channel

All Kannada, English, Hindi and Urdu languages lessons of primary and secondary school online classes watch through below links

Classes live at DD Chandan channel, this channel was also watch in your DTH, AIRTEL, DISH and VIDEOCON DTH channel

Otherwise download the DD Channel mobile application in your android smartphone

File Type: alternative education plan such as online video lessons

File Language: Kannada, English and Urdu medium

Which Department: Education

State: Karnataka

Published Date: 5th July ,2021

File format:  Live Video lessons links are available at the below of this article

File size: 75336 kb

Number of pages:25

Availability for download: Yes

Availability of website link: Yes

Live video online class link available: Yes

Scanned copy : Yes

Editable Text: No

Copy text: No

Print enable: Yes

Quality: High

File size reduced: No

Password protected: No

Password encrypted: No

Image file available: Yes

Cost: free of cost

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05-07-2021- MATHEMATICS


07-07-2021- SCIENCE

12-07-2021- MATHEMATICS

19-07-2021- MATHEMATICS

20-07-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

25-07-2021- MATHEMATICS

26-07+2021- MATHEMATICS

27-07-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

02-08-2021- MATHEMATICS

03-08-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

04-08-2021- MATHEMATICS

10-08-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

16-08-2021- MATHEMATICS

17-08-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

18-08-2021- SCIENCE

23-08-2021- MATHEMATICS

24-08-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

25-08-2021- SCIENCE

30-08-2021- MATHEMATICS

31-08-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

01-09-2021- SCIENCE

06-09-2021- MATHEMATICS

07-09-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

13-09-2021- MATHEMATICS

14-09-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

15-09-2021- SCIENCE

20-09-2021- MATHEMATICS

22-09-2021- SCIENCE

27-09-2021- MATHEMATICS

28-09-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

04-10-2021- MATHEMATICS

05-10-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

06-10-2021- SCIENCE

12-10-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

13-10-2021- SCIENCE

18-10-2021- MATHEMATICS

19-10-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

20-10-2021- SOCIAL SCIENCE

25-10-2021- MATHEMATICS

26-10-2021- SCIENCE

27-10-2021- SCIENCE


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